Meat Number 5 – “Low Flying Planes”

Meat Number 5 - low flying planes - low flying planes cover final

Chicago based beatsmith powerhouse duo Meat Number 5 breaking you off some of the good good. There’s no MC here and this is still likely one of the best hip hop joints you’ve heard in a while. Super tight and hella heady stoney beats and atmosphere with ’nuff sampledelia of everything from R&B crooners to gangsta rap verses to dialogue from films and beyond, all expertly assembled and executed. I guess DJ Big Once, responsible for the cuts and additional production work for this tagteam has taken some Red Bull championships or something, I dunno. Press kits usually nauseate me, so I just glanced over it quick.┬áPrimary beat creator and drummer, Ricky Ropesack, comes correct on the boom bap attack, and together there’s really no need for educating yourself on their merits and experience – the tracks do a perfect job of showcasing all that, and more. Beyond hip hop, past downtempo and trip hop, outside of jazz, and only hinting at EDM – do yourself a favor and check this one out already.

Meat Number 5 – “Low Flying Planes”

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