Japanese Juke & Footworks Compilation


Juke/footwork is some old news now for those close to the source, but isn’t that always the case?

I was first introduced to the sound, before knowing what it was called, when driving from Minneapolis to Chicago for raves in the early/mid 1990s and hearing it on South Chicago radio stations and bits of it’s flavor and influence on the Chicago/etc house and ghetto/booty house DJs performing at those raves.

Roughly 20 years later now and we’ve got the undeniably dope and influential UK record label famous for helping make names for people like Venetian Snares, µ-Ziq, Luke Vibert, Dykehouse, Virus Syndicate, Vex’d, Bizzy B, Boxcutter, and beyond doing their thing in the juke/footwork world. To speak nothing of the countless oldschool names and labels native to and around the Chicago area and everywhere in between still smashing it and offering their take on the Juke sound.

Funny how things happen like that.

We have the Japanese chiming in with their take on a now global sound and scene, as well, these days.  A mammoth compilation of varying sounds that both very truly adhere to the tried and true juke formula as well as play around with the recipe a bit, in true Japanese fashion, “Japanese Juke & Footwork Compilation” from the entity known as Jap Mutation Bootyism, an offshoot or somehow otherwise affiliated effort of the Nippon Juke collective.

Featuring more tracks than you can list in 2 scrolls of a webpage and translated so horribly to English that it’s not even worth trying to do so, this is absolutely future juke from the far East that every Chicago back alley footworking juke producer can get down to. You can download it from their Bandcamp page directly or via the Mediafire links provided there. And you definitely should.

Japanese Juke & Footworks Compilation


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