?NGI3 OHMA – Tri (in) fecta – GrindthievesDotCom PodcastV2.001

We’re doing it again, GrindthievesDotCom Podcasts y’all.

First edition after our relaunch comes from ?NGI3 OHMA, alias of The Artbreaker when producing or playing music which is, essentially, the anti-thesis of the regular output from The Artbreaker alias. First debuted on Jungl’s wonderful Core News blog, ?NGI3 OHMA began as an outlet exclusively for drag, witch house, ghost drone, whatever you wanna call it. While digesting and researching this sound after first hearing it, it became pretty obvious there was more to it and more potential for it to be interpreted and used in sonic juxtaposition. ?NGI3 OHMA takes that notion and fleshes it out for the first edition of our new podcast series.

As the title of the mix might suggest, it is notably infected with essentially three distinct sounds – drag/haunted house/ghost drone, hip hop, and garage/dubstep. The mix attempts to kind of connect the dots between the three genres and spices it up with some other choice elements, inherent in the tracks themselve and the mix as a whole unit. The only thing missing from this mix that demonstrates the overal angle of the ?NGI3 OHMA identity is material from ?NGI3 OHMA. Be sure to watch for that; the ?NGI3 OHMA edit of Cool Edition’s “Mr. Telephone Man” is reportedly on the burner.

?NGI3 OHMA – “Tri (in) fecta” (GrindthievesDotCom PodcastV2.001)
01 / Spatial // 100402
02 / Highschool Clicks // Raving Goodbye
03 / Spatial // 100505
04 / Highschool Clicks // Luv U Gave
05 / Martyn // Far Away
06 / Blackdown // Cracker Blues / [Burial Remix]
07 / Spatial // 100319
08 / King Midas Sound // Meltdown
09 / Kode9 Vs. LD // 2 Bad
10 / Hot Pixel // Fill Me Up / [With Bass]
11 / Pink Priest / /Bathwater / [Jean Wilders Down The Drain Mix]
12 / Pink Priest // Lady’s Slipper / [DCLXVI Uneasy Edit]
13 / Balam Acab // See Birds / [Coyote Clean Updub]
14 / YIY (ght) zOne // Palms Der Koenig / [YIY ZY Edit]
14 / Mater Suspiria Vision // Sleepwalking / [Mater Suspiria Day-x Remix]
15 / New Edition // Cool It Now / [Extended Dub Remix]
17 / Kyle Landstra // Solar Shadows
18 / Tyler, The Creator // Bastard
19 / Tyler, The Creator // Slow It Down / [featuring Hodgy Beats]
20 / Earl Sweatshirt // Moonlight / [featuring Hodgy Beats]
21 / Portishead // Wandering Star

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– dckr

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