Minneapolis comin’ correct via Xanja with his “Nomadic EP“, number #28 in the Bludclot catalogue. He gives us four tracks operating somewhere under the umbrella of dubstep and futuredub, but definitely bringing his own flavor to the mix. From smoke rings and dank basements to front right speaker posses at the club, these four tunes dwell in both foot shuffling and head nod realms at the same time. Always keepin’ it deep, Xanja makes sure to always keep the dancefloor in mind while simultaneously ensuring the synapses in your brain are gettin’ some action, as well. Punchy and percussive drum workouts, slithering and rolling low end freakouts, and always that perfect amount of spice in the air surrounding – Xanja’s “Nomadic EP” delivers the heat and keeps it sweet from front to back.

+ Xanja – “Nomadic EP” [full]

01 : Xanja – “Khajit” [mp3]
02 : Xanja – “My Love” [mp3]
03 : Xanja – “Blackout” [mp3]
04 : Xanja – “Nomadic”  [mp3]

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