Bludclot031 is the new EP from More Records & Northern Ontario Breakcore Squad veteran Bro entitled “The End Of A Beginning”. Experimental leftfield jungle freakouts that are dark & chopped with experimental & breakcore overtones. Rolling and morphing bass over stoned out breakbeats that alternate between straight forward & runnin’ and fucked up & chopped up, spiced up with some sparse vocal sampling treatments – made from a dash of ragga and pinch of spoken word – that kiss the sweet spot and melody & mood construction to compliment.

If you were there for More or N.O.B.S., then you know. If not, get yourself educated.

Added to our Bandcamp page, as well. So if you need the high quality files or want to donate – head over there to do so.

+ Bro – “The End Of A Beginning” [full]

01 : Bro – “The End Of A Beginning” [mp3]
02 : Bro – “Omega Block” [mp3]
03 : Bro – “Too Many Prisons” [mp3]
04 : Palmatron – “Aquarizeus (Bro Remix)” [mp3]
05 : Palmatron – “Palmdale (Bro Remix)” [mp3]

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