You might remember p.WRECKS from his joint with Xrin Arms that we released in the first half of 2011. If not, definitely go check that one out. This time around, however, Bludclot has the honor of sharing with you his solo opus entitled “Luggage Checked To Nowhere”.

With production credits from K. Clifton, Ocean, Guttah Face, Iwwerks, Sales Wagon, Ionic 26, and Xrin Arms, p.WRECKS delivers 10 tracks worth of verses that show a growth, maturity, and obvious further extension of coming into his own. p.WRECKS is absolutely not a newcomer to the rap game, to  be certain, but with “Luggage Checked To Nowhere” he displays the most confident and superbly delivered batch of words he’s penned to date. A gifted wordsmith, without question. On this newest release, he crafts an overall dark tapestry of lyricism, speaking as someone who is both sure of himself and his gift as well as someone questioning and contemplating the legitimacy of nearly all aspects of life. “Luggage Checked To Nowhere” is a sort of spoken word and leftfield boom bap affair that is an exercise in disseminating information, especially that which bubbles below the surface and out of plain site – a heavy brooding war cry to stand against the status quo and look deeper.

The beats are subdued and sinister, sometimes blatantly so and other times only peripherally, that are supreme backdrops to the lines and verses p.WRECKS brings to them. K.Clifton, Xrin Arms, and Guttah Face’s offerings are probably the standout musical moments on this one, but it’s obvious p.WRECKS was very particular in selecting the tracks to spit these ritualistic verses over and each of them is subtly brilliant.

Download includes a .pdf file with lyric sheet and a few sizes and orientations of the cover art, suitable for printing and which will be used for the cassette release that is on its way – keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook for information about that when it’s available.

Also check out his split with First Place Science Project here and watch for his next full length already in the works, an in depth and elaborate project he spoke with me about a little while ago that is sure to make heads take note.

[BLUDCLOT032] p.WRECKS – “Luggage Checked To Nowhere” [full]

01 : p.WRECKS  – #GlitterUnicorn” [mp3]
02 : p.WRECKS  – FauxForest” [mp3]
03 : p.WRECKS  – Ingrediants” [mp3]
04 : p.WRECKS  – Boring Like This” [mp3]
05 : p.WRECKS  – Or Else” [mp3]
06 : p.WRECKS  – Submerge” [mp3]
07 : p.WRECKS  – Windowless” [mp3]
08 : p.WRECKS  – We’ve_ Weave” [mp3]
09 : p.WRECKS – “Collars” [mp3]
10 : p.WRECKS – “Garbage Guardian$” [mp3]

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