Fresh on the heels of our 34th release comes number 35 in the Bludclot Recordings catalog from C3B outta Brighton with some truly wicked breakbeat smashery and experimental atmospheres. Sure to get the synapses firing, C3B displays pure choppage mastery and a keen sense of mood with this 4 track EP, entitled “The Burrow”. With subtly perplexing yet definitely familiar airs to the beatwork and warm, lush, alien-without-being-alienating atmosphere and noise, C3B will definitely pull you into The Burrow with this incredible release.

You can grab the 320kbps download here or head over to the Bandcamp page for a number of other high quality format options and a place to donate if you’re especially into the release or Bludclot Recordings.

[BLUDCLOT035] C3B – “The Burrow” [full]

1. “Manji” [mp3]
2. “Moskowitz” [mp3]
3. “Firmin Beach” [mp3]
4. “Pig With No Face” [mp3]

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