Bubbles - Homunculus - Front - 01

bubbles returns to the Bludclot Recordings fold with a new full length LP entitled “Homunculus”. We’ll leave it up to you to Google that term, but rest assured this music is a fitting soundtrack. A variety of deep and dark techno varieties, like all his previous efforts the strength in output from bubbles is his subtlety. From the more forward thinking techno/acid moments, to the downright depraved and dubbed out ambient techno affairs, bubbles excels at begging the listener to hang on for another second; simultaneously creating universes in a matter of a moment and crafting a fleeting thought throughout an entire 8 minutes – the whole is the aim and the finer details are the gain. Fans of early experimental techno and ambient music need check this, as well as all fans of forward thinking electronic music.

320kbps MP3 downloads below, if you’re looking for high quality .wav files or the like, or simply wish to donate to bubbles or the Bludcot cause, you can head over to the Bandcamp release page for “Homunculus”.

+ BLUDCLOT039 – bubbles – “Homunculus” [full]

01 : “Mandrake” [mp3]
02 : “Stars They Move” [mp3]
03 : “Transmutations” [mp3]
04 : “The Smell Of Truth” [mp3]
05 : “Systemic Alchemy” [mp3]
06 : “Homunculus” [mp3]
07 : “You Do Not Decide” [mp3]
08 : “Feed The Living” [mp3]

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