“Every Day In Further Decay” is a various artist compilation from TheDarkTapes netlabel. The concept behind the compilation was decay, decomposition, and the like. Keeping that concept in mind, we asked artists we thought would be able to produce material that would also keep that concept in mind while still adhering to the loose idea of the label as a whole – that being long playing and ever evolving works in the realms of ambient, drone, noise, cult, soundscape, and beyond.

Artists from literally all over the world, but largely from a great cross section of the United States, are assembled here with over two hours of efforts in sonic decay. Be sure to check out their other work, as many of them craft music well beyond the genres represented here.

Download comes with a text document with info on how and where to download the movie for “Every Day In Further Decay” and some other goodies. You can download 320kbps MP3s below or head over to our Bandcamp page for high quality .wav/.flac files and also purchase the super limited uber-DIY 2 CD physical copy.

Various Artist – “Every Day In Further Decay” [full]

01. ?NGST – “Far Beyond The Bounds Of Human Frailty” [mp3]
02. Jon Benderr – “Laid To Rest” [mp3]
03. raxil + his Namelessness Is Legion – “Three, A Beginning” [mp3]
04. Richard Jonas – “Mo Boma” [mp3]
05. Ankole Watusi – “De Geso Masume Aoi Aoi (tooth_eye Remixes A Remix Ff Himself Remix)” [mp3]
06. Joshua Decker – “vanuav” [mp3]
07. Speak Onion – “The Line Goes Quiet, There Is No Bell” [mp3]
08. The Boundless – “Paene” [mp3]
09. Bulkrate – “Trees Of Eternity” [mp3]
10. Shadowmass – “Blood Showers Bring Skull Flowers” [mp3]
11. Bradox64 – “Monolith” [mp3]
12. Swinging Man – “Plumb Line” [mp3]
13. Srvana108 – “Most Of My Heroes Are Dead (For Knuckles, Hanneman, and Cobain)” [mp3]
14. Shea Bilé with Ian Flux – “Invocation Of Nothing” [mp3]
15. 3TEETH – “Master Of Decay (GRYPT Remix)” [mp3]
16. Seven Sicarii – “A Weekend At My Mother’s Condo In Central Florida” [mp3]

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